Useful information for speakers

1. Technical requirements and instructions for oral presenters

Please make sure that you check the online programme during the conference for any updates to your session day and time.


Please upload your presentation slides, at the latest four hours, before the scheduled start of your lecture(s). Presentations can be uploaded directly in the Main Plenary Room onsite. You can bring your slides on USB key or an external hard disk. You are asked to only use the Conference computers in the session halls for presentation purposes. The Conference will not be able to support lecture slides presented on personal computers.


All sessions will be recorded. In compliance with authorisation rights requirements all speakers are requested to sign the „AUTHORISATION AND ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING AGREEMENT“ to agree with the presentation to be published by SERGS on its website in the members‘ section. This agreement will be given to you for your signature upon registration. You may not give your permission for selected slides to be used.


Ratio: Aspect ratio of your presentation should be 16:9 wide screen.
Saving files: For onsite upload the presentation has to be saved on a USB flash drive. Please note there is no facility to use your own computer for delivering a presentation.


The session hall will be staffed with an AV technician who will assist in starting each presentation.
From the lectern you will be able to remote control your presentation.
Please stick carefully to your allotted time. You can see the exact time allotted to your talk in the programme book and on websites. Your allocated talk time includes time for discussion.
Please leave enough time for question and a discussion at the end of your talk.


2. Session Chair Reponsibilities:  Information and Guidelines for SERGS Annual Meeting Session Chairs

The objectives of the SERGS Annual Meeting are to bring together top experts in the field of robotic gynaecological surgery as well as fellows, students and nurses from all over Europe to exchange their expertise and experiences in many areas with cooperation and friendship, and to further stimulate their research and development activities. This can be achieved by well-organized presentations by the presenters as well as by providing ample time for discussion after the oral presentations to stimulate further interest and understanding of the subject. The role of session chairs is to provide a leadership role and run the sessions most efficiently and smoothly. Although you are familiar with the role, here are some guidelines that may help to achieve these goals.


Review the conference Final Programme for the exact time and day of your session.
Learn the amount of time for talks (the times showed include introduction time and discussion time). Please adjust these timings based on your total allocated time for your session. Most important is to allow sufficient time for discussion. Please check with your authors who are coming and who will make the presentation to prepare yourself for conducting the session most efficiently.

Check information of the authors’ affiliation in the programme book for their proper introduction at the session. Only the information about the presenter is important for a multi-authored paper. Reading the title and authors names first at the session acknowledges the other authors.

Check that all audiovisual equipment needed is available in the room, and be prepared to help presenters if any problems arise during the sessions. There will be an AV technician as well as a hostess for roving microphone though.
Starting and closing of the session at the scheduled time is essential because of our tight schedule. Please be prompt to start the session.

Introduce yourself
Present short introductory remarks on the general subject of the session. Introduce the speaker before each one starts his/her presentation. Keep track of the presentation time. Remind the speakers when their time is going to be finished with warnings at 2 minutes and 1 minute. Please be somewhat flexible and courteous in handling your authors, but don’t let any author have an inappropriately large amount of time so that the subsequent authors do not have sufficient time for presenting.

Generally, the participants need a stimulus from the chairs to open informal discussions for the free and critical exchange of ideas. Please encourage the audience to take part in the discussions and to ask questions without any hesitation. Please ensure that only one discusser does not dominate and that opportunity is provided to all discussers within the allowed discussion time. Please ask the discusser to identify him/herself before asking a question.

If the discussion on any one paper continues longer than anticipated, interrupt and terminate the discussion as you feel appropriate. Inform the discussers that the discussion can be continued during the coffee break, social events and other times during the day.

In case one of the papers is not going to be presented in your session, allow more time to the authors of other papers in your session appropriately.

There is no doubt that the success and efficiency of the session depends on your outstanding conduct. Your cooperation, interest, and efforts are highly appreciated.



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